Collaborator Profile:
Hilda Caba

My name is Hilda Caba. I’m from the Dominican republic. I have spinal cord injury due to a car accident. A few years after my injury, I decided to be active in order to stay healthy. I started going to the gym, doing handcycling, playing tennis, going to different events related to adaptive sports. I’ve gone surfing, skydiving, and hang gliding.

When it comes to clothes I prefer to wear active clothes, especially when I go to the gym. I prefer wearing stretchy materials because they are easier to pull over my head. some of the problems I have with clothing are that most pants, especially jeans, have lower backs so that when I sit down my pants ride down and shows my skin.

Collaborator Profile:
Taylor Wingate

I didn’t find tennis until 7 years after a car accident that placed me in a wheelchair. Two friends of mine that were already playing wheelchair tennis asked me to come to a tennis clinic and I was hooked. Growing up playing basketball and other sports was always competitive, but one on one tennis was another world!

I started playing in 2014 and quickly started rising through the rankings and divisions (last april I received the usta wheelchair tennis number one ranking in the country and have held that ranking since!) I have always loved to travel and meet new people. Soon after I started playing I found a huge passion for coaching after becoming a part of the Adaptive Sports Adventures Program (ASAP) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I received my professional coaching certificate from the Professional Tennis Registry and have received a wheelchair tennis coaching certification through the United States Professional Tennis Association as well. My current challenge with clothing while playing tennis is finding a performance top that isn’t too loose or too tight around the shoulder area.

Collaborator Profile: Twila Adams

Twila is a veteran, athlete, and motivational speaker. Twila is quadriplegic from a spinal cord injury. She is active in many different wheelchair sports, but gravitates toward tennis. She is passionate about disability rights and has worked with the VA as well as other research teams at varying universities to develop accessories for adaptive sports.