an Introduction

Remedy is committed to sourcing the highest quality materials that do the least damage to our planet. People are exposed to chemicals everyday. In our food, in our beauty products, in the air we breathe. I naturally dye all organic fibres, yielding color palates derived from  earth tones without the chemicals used in conventional dye processes. Technical fabrics knit from recycled polyester contain antimicrobial properties that wick sweat and chemicals away from the body as it moves. Merino wools designed for sport have naturally wicking water resistant, and odor controlling properties.

Wicking antimicrobial stretch jersey

Sport Merino 100% wool jersey 100% Free of PFAS & PFOA Sheep raised in Vermont, USA

Silver antimicrobial absorbent interlock

ProSoft CPSIA Certified Waterproof 1 mil PUL Fabric

AKAStiq Stretch Velcro fabric

ProECO® Bamboo Jersey Fabric Made in USA [70% Bamboo Viscose, 30% Organic Cotton]

Materiality: Pyratex

“knit fabrics made from either vegetal, upcycled or biodegradable fibres, of European origin in their majority. The vegetal fibres originate each from a different plant, which gives the fabric its unique body-caring properties, tested and certified by European textile institutes. The active components of PYRATEX® fabrics are not injected nor added, they are embedded in the fabric and thus have no expiration date, nor do they wash away”

Materiality: Natural Dyeing

Organic Indigo’s natural UV protection properties make it perfect for sportswear. It also reduces harmful chemical exposure from synthetic dye methods. My indigo is an organic sugar vat, fermented with apple cider from the Union Square farmer’s market and indigo sourced from Botanical Colors.